Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat Jackpot

If you have a strong hand that still loses, do not panic. With the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion at Pelican Poker you will not leave the room without winnings!

Jackpot Terms:

  • Choose one of the table, marked as Bad Beat;
  • There should be at least 3 players participating in the hand;
  • You need to apply both pocket cards to build winning and losing combinations;
  • For Holdem a losing hand (Bad Beat) should be higher than a full house of tens;
  • For Omaha a losing hand (Bad Beat) should be higher than a full house of aces;
  • If three or more players who are participating in a hand have the combinations that comply with the Bad Beat requirements, the main jackpot (with a winning and a losing hand) is shared between two players with higher combinations;
  • There are 6 jackpot funds – 4 for Holdem and 2 for Omaha;
  • In the right screen corner you can see a total jackpot sum, and at the top of an open cash table you will find the sum of the current game fund.

Jackpot funds

Holdem limits:

  • Nl5-Nl10;
  • Nl25;
  • Nl50;
  • Nl100-Nl200.

Omaha limits:

  • PLO10-PLO25;
  • PLO50-PLO100.

Jackpot paytable

Who wins Part in total jackpot
The player with a Bad Beat hand 30%
The player with a winning hand 15%
Other players taking part in a hand 5%
Rake 10%
The amount of turning into the next jackpot 40%



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Terms of the bonus:

  • 100% bonus;
  • Promo-code of this offer – RB20;
  • Bonus will be granted as you wager it. For every 50CP you will receive $10 of bonus sum;
  • The bonus is available during 15 days;
  • Minimal deposit: $10;
  • Maximum bonus sum: $200.