Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms

1.1. These terms and conditions are a complete agreement (‘Agreement’) between you and PelicanPoker.com. The terms (‘Terms’) regulate your usage of Games (as follows), online, mobile, and other platforms within http://www.PelicanPoker.com website (‘Website’) and other related resources.

1.2. PelicanPoker.com website is operated by WoT N.V. company (Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N, Curacao). Usage of ‘Your’, ‘You’, ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’, ‘Company’ terms related to the company you made an agreement with, as mentioned above. If you have any questions contact support via [email protected]

1.3. By signing up for pelicanpoker.com website you confirm that you read and agreed to these terms.

1.3.1. Read through the full text of these Terms before clicking on ‘Sign Up’ button. If you do not agree to any condition of these Terms, you should not use this Website. The Terms are legally binding and are confirmed by the user when creating an account at PelicanPoker.com website.

1.4. You completely understand and agree that these terms and conditions are obligatory, and agree to the possible changes that can sometimes be made in this text.

2. Software usage.

2.1. PelicanPoker company allows a User to use software for playing at PelicanPoker servers.

2.2. The software is a subject of copyright, trade secret, intellectual property, and other laws.
You are not allowed to:

2.2.1. copy, translate, publish, decompile, undo, or modify the Software or attempt to access the source code in purpose to create other versions based on the code of Software, or any other modifications;

2.2.2. analyze, undo, modify, adapt, or attempt to open Software source code, or create your own software, based on it;

2.2.3. login, access or attempt to login or access, or attempt in any other way to get around our security procedure or to interrupt the proper Software performance;

2.2.4. sell, re-sell, sublicense, pass, overspread, or grant the Software;

2.2.5. give Software access to third parties online or in any other way;

2.2.6. use the Software in any purpose that breaks current laws or these Terms.

2.3. The software is granted to ‘User’ for private usage by PelicanPoker company. We inform you, that Software should not be used by individuals under age of 18 or other legal age in their jurisdiction and individuals connecting to the Website from jurisdictions from which it is illegal to do so. PelicanPoker is not able to verify the legality of the Service in each jurisdiction and it is the User's responsibility to ensure that their use of the Service is legal.

2.4. Users from certain countries including the USA, Turkey, Cyprus are not allowed to create accounts within PelicanPoker and use the services of the Company. The Company reserves the right to modify the list of the restricted territories.

2.5. PelicanPoker reserves the right to temporary block or annul your account, and restrict you from using the Service if we suspect you being under the legal age.

2.6. The content of this Website, including text, images, graphics, photos, animation, video, music, textual files, sounds, and links are a subject of PlicanPoker.com copyright. You are not allowed to overspread, pass, or save the materials without prior written permission. Your sign up and usage of the website does not mean receiving any intellectual property rights within our system.

3. Limitation of liability

3.1. You enter the Website and participate in games on your own risk. The website and games are available with no guarantees.

3.2. We do not guarantee the error-free, defect-free, virus-free Software usage or its quality when it comes to a certain goal.

3.3. We are not responsible for any expenses, losses, claims if any connection or system error occurs when using our Software.

3.4. We are not responsible for the payments in your favor made by software error or defect, or for the claims to return these payments by provider or third party.

3.5. PelicanPoker reserves the right to pause, stop, modify, delete or amplify the Software without prior notice, and we are not responsible for any losses caused by these changes provided by PelicanPoker.

4. Competencies

4.1. We reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time on our own decision. We also reserve the right to open, provide with service and close User accounts at our Company websites. The decision of the Company on any action in the User’s account is conclusive and cannot be reconsidered or impugned.

4.2. If a User does not log in and use the account within 6 months in a row, it is considered to be ‘inactive’. PelicanPoker will apply a $5 administrative fee every month for keeping the inactive accounts.

4.3. Casino Administration reserves the right to conduct KYC (Know Your Client) at any time. If the requested package of documents for verification has not been provided within 7 days, it will be considered as an attempt to hide the information and / or the inability to pass the verification procedure. In this case, the deposit will be regarded as fraudulent and will be returned, the winnings will be canceled, the Player account will be locked.

5. Privacy

5.1. The Software includes private information that should not be divulgated. Privacy Policy.

6. User Obligations

6.1. The website and account at PelicanPoker.com can be used for participation in the games only, not for any financial or any other operations.

6.2. The information provided to PelicanPoker.com is correct and full, you are obligated to inform PelicanPoker.com if your personal information modifies.

6.3. You are responsible for paying taxes applied to you according to the law of your jurisdiction when you win at PelicanPoker.com.

6.4. All the funds deposited on your account at PelicanPoker.com are not connected to illegal activities and are not a result of illegal activities.

6.5. You totally understand, that participating in games, you are risking to lose funds on your account at PelicanPoker.com.

6.6. You can use only your own bank card or other payment accounts to make deposits and withdrawals at PelicanPoker.com.

6.7. You cannot use inappropriate vocabulary in nicknames.

6.8. You cannot use softplay against your friends. You need to play as aggressive as usual and use the same strategy, no matter if you know your opponent or not.

6.9. Online poker games might be illegal in some jurisdictions. You understand and agree that PelicanPoker.com cannot consult you or guarantee that using the services of the Website is legal. The company does not state that Website services correspond to the law of your jurisdiction. You are using the services of PelicanPoker.com on your own choice and decision. Only you are responsible to make sure that the usage of Website services is legal in your jurisdiction.

6.10. PelicanPoker.com does not have purposes to provide you with services illegal in your jurisdiction. You confirm, guarantee, and agree that usage of Website services corresponds to current laws. The company is not responsible for illegal usage of services.

6.11. The user understands that the random number generator will define the results of the game. A User agrees that in unlikely case that software and server results differ, the server results are real, and the final decision on game results is made based on our server data.

7. Prohibited activities

7.1. Collusion. Collusion is an agreement between two or more users. The aim of collusion is to exchange information about the face-down cards. PelicanPoker reserves the right to separate the users or disallow them to play on one poker table or tournament. PelicanPoker considers any collusion as termination of current Terms and reserves the right to block user’s account regardless of collusion success.

7.1.1. The user is disallowed to play on one cash-table or tournament (including Sit-And-Go) with other users if they are relatives.

7.2. Additional software. PelicanPoker disallows the usage of any additional software that might give you an advantage upon other players.

7.2.1. The use of any hands convertor is disallowed.

7.2.2. Datamining (collecting hands, deals, profiles dat7.2.3. Software that advises your next step in the game in real time mode (including ICM) is forbidden.

7.3. Artificial intelligence (bots). The use of artificial intelligence (computer software) is strictly forbidden. A user must act with the user interface, available in our Software.

7.4. The user agrees that PelicanPoker has the right to check the software on user’s computer that is being used simultaneously with PelicanPoker Software to detect and prevent the usage of forbidden software.

7.5. Chips dumping. When a user loses a game on purpose to pass his/her chips to another user by folding the cards. Chips dumping is forbidden. PelicanPoker can annul your account if you dump your chips. The company is not responsible for compensation of any funds on your account at PelicanPoker.

7.6. The users who play only against recreational players (weak players) will be sanctioned by PelicanPoker.

7.7. Fraudulence. If PelicanPoker notices user’s fraudulent behavior, illegal actions using Software, PelicanPoker reserves the right to do one of the following: blocking the access to Software, annulling user’s account with confiscation of the funds and further prosecution.

8. Tournament cancellation rules

8.1. Tournament cancellation with guaranteed or without guaranteed prize pool

8.1.1. Cancellation of the tournament before the beginning If the tournament is canceled before the beginning a buy-in and tournament fee is returned to the players.

8.1.2. The tournament is canceled when the players are not in the prize zone If the tournament is canceled before determining prize places, the remaining players receive back the tournament fee and share the buy-in prize pool according to this principle: 50% is shared between the remaining players, other 50% is shared in proportion to the number of chips the players have. Tournament fee of the knocked out players is taken by the poker room. Example: the guaranteed prize pool is $1,000, but before reaching the prize zone the players gathered only $700 with their buy-ins. $700 will be shared.

8.1.3. The tournament is canceled when the players are in the prize zone The prize pool is divided this way: every player receives the minimal prize, that hadn’t been won before the tournament was canceled. The remaining funds are shared proportionally to the number of players’ chips.

8.2. Freeroll cancellation

8.2.1. If a freeroll with a guaranteed prize pool is canceled before the prize zone, the prize pool is not shared. If the players reached the prize zone, the fund collected by rebuys and addons is distributed.

8.3. Cancellation of a knockout tournament

8.3.1. If this type of tournament is canceled, the knockout award for the remaining players is returned to their accounts.

8.4. Cancellation of Sit-And-Go

8.4.1. The above-mentioned cancellation terms are applied to Sit-And-Go.

9. Abusive vocabulary and materials

9.1. A user is not allowed to publish any illegal, calumniating, discrediting, threatening or any other materials that break any law or are abusive with the help of Software, including real-time chats with other players or PelicanPoker staff, and player’s avatar option.

9.2. Using real-time chat included to the Software the user is not allowed to promote services and products of any company except PelicanPoker. Moreover, the users are not allowed to make any statements about PelicanPoker or Software that are not real or can be regarded as critical or abusive.

9.3. All the massages in the chat are archived.

10. Security

10.1. Every player can have only one account. Only one Account for each household, IP, PC is allowed. To access your account you need to type login and password, protected by our security system. Moreover, the user is not allowed to pass the access to the account to third parties. We apply protected connection when you access the game and encode your login and password. You cannot access the game without being logged in.

10.2. You are responsible for the usage of any software with your login data, and for passing this data to third parties.

10.3. You should use the Software for personal purposes only.

10.4. You need to keep your login and password in secret. You should not use someone’s else password. You are responsible for the transactions made with your account. Any transaction made with your login and password being applied will be regarded as valid.

10.5. PelicanPoker reserves the right for KYC procedure, applying third party services, and using the information mentioned by you when signing up to receive the Software access.

10.6. PelicanPoker is applying the best currently available methods to encode user’s login, password, and other data we receive via user’s application on our servers to protect the users and the company from third parties’ manipulation attempts. The user will not try to get around our security system in any way. If we suspect a user in attempts to hack, receive access or get around our security system or Software with other methods, we have the right to immediately block the access to the Software or block the account. We also reserve the right to inform the correspondent authorities.

10.7. Please, notice that we do not cast interest on the funds on your account at PelicanPoker.

10.8. You agree not to make returned payments and not to cancel the payments you make when using the Software. You will compensate the sum of any return payments, canceled payments, and any loses caused by such payments to PelicanPoker.

10.9. PelicanPoker reserves the right to check the paying capacity and provide a KYC procedure applying outsourcing services and using the information given by the player when signing up. The outsourcing services can keep your data but are not allowed to use it for other purposes.

10.10. PelicanPoker reserves the right to apply third-party financial services to conduct payments, made by you or on your benefit, and connected to your gaming activities. We also reserve the right to apply different methods of control and verification.

10.11. You understand and agree that the money, deposited at PelicanPoker account is kept on your account.

10.12. The funds on your account can be confiscated. If you break poker rules or PelicanPoker.com Terms, we reserve the right to confiscate the funds on your account and cancel any pending withdrawal requests.

11. Poker network

11.1. The players within one poker network can take part in the tournament with only one account. If a player takes part in one tournament from different accounts of a poker network, one of the accounts will be blocked and the funds will be confiscated.

12. Modifications and updates

12.1. PelicanPoker reserves the right to update, modify and change the current Terms or any part of thereof without prior notice at any time. The new agreement becomes obligatory for all the users in 10 days after being published on the Website. We recommend you to check the Agreement regularly. The fact that you continue to use the Website, confirms that you agree to any updates of the Agreement.

13. Notifications

13.1. You agree to receive messages from us. The messages can be published on Website pages and/or in application files and/or sent by email. All the messages are considered to be received not later than in 5 working days after sending, regardless of the fact of receiving it.

13.2. You agree to receive newsletters from our partners with special offers, invites, and other information.

13.3. You need to notify us in a written form if needed. All the questions about this Agreement should be addressed to [email protected] [email protected]

14. Dissensions and disputes

14.1. If any dissensions between PelicanPoker and a user occur on the points of this Agreement or connected to it, the litigants will do everything possible to solve them in negotiations. The litigants should use a claim procedure for pre-trial disputes resolution.

14.2. If the dispute cannot be resolved with negotiations, they will be resolved according to Curacao laws. The litigants agree that Curacao courts have an exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dissensions and disputes regarding the Agreement and any issues related to it, and quitclaim to sue that the claim was addressed to the inappropriate authority, or that Curacao court does not have the required jurisdictions.

14.3. If translated versions of this Agreement differ, the English-language version is considered to be prevailing.